Some of the authors and titles I have
had the pleasure to work with...


"A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit."
~ Richard Back

Stacey Joy Netzel

Lost in Italy
2012 Wisconsin Romance Writers
(WisRWA) Write Touch Readers'
Award Winner in the
Romantic Suspense category

More Than A Kiss
Trust in the Lawe
Chasin’ Mason

“Thanks so much, Stacy! I’ve been
getting such a great response for
Trust in the Lawe (thanks again
for the great editing!)”

“I knew hiring you was a good
decision!! Thanks!”

"I’d also like to thank my editor
Stacy D. Holmes, who challenged
me to make this book the best
it could be." 
Acknowledgment in Lost in Italy 

Roni Adams

To Tame a Cowgirl* 
The Cowboy Comes Home* 
Trouble in Texas* 
The Cowboy’s Duet* 
Under a Rodeo Moon
The Chauffeur Wore
 an Evening Gown 

*Double B Series

“Stacy is the amazing editor who
pushes me beyond where I think I
can go and makes the story far
more than I initially thought
it could be.” 

“Thanks so much for helping make
my book shine. As you know, this
series is my heart and I’m so
thrilled that readers are loving
it the way I do.”

Donna Michaels

Fated Hearts
Ten Things I’d Do
for a Cowboy
Captive Hero


“Thank you so much for all your
help and patience!!! You've made
the publication process of my
very first completely written
novel, such an enjoyable,
learning experience.” 

Anna Kathryn Lanier

A Cowboy’s Dream
The Priceless Gift 
A Gift Beyond All Measure

“Thanks for all your hard work
at editing and support…I learned
a lot from you and I think
we're a great team!” 

Paty Jager

Bridled Heart
Perfectly Good Nanny 

“Thank you for your help and editing on my book, 'Perfectly
Good Nanny.' I enjoyed
working with you.” 

Lynnette Hallberg

Chantilly Lace and a
Pretty Face

“Thanks so much, Stacy! …Again,
I so appreciate all your hard work
with Chantilly! It was fun.”

Sandra Kay

Heart of Stone

“I can't tell you how grateful I am
for all that you've taught me…Thank you so much for all of
your excellent editing and
patience with me as I stumbled
through my first published
book process.” 

“You have got to be the best and
sweetest editor around! I am thrilled with a capital T! Thank
you so much for going the
extra mile for me.”

Johanna Riley

Fearless Heart
Christmas Angel

 “I like the new blurb. Thank you!”

 Christine Columbus

The Perfect Country and
 Western Story

“I'm thrilled -The Perfect Country
and Western Story ... is a
finalist for the Booksellers'
Best Award…Thank you very
much for all your help and
making my dreams come true.”

 Donna Dalton

Her Rodeo Man

“Thanks again. I really enjoyed working with you.” 

Vonnie Davis

Those Violet Eyes
Back Where You Belong

“I woke up this morning with a
scene playing through my mind
and couldn't figure out why. I'd
written it early on in my short
story. Then it hit me: I needed
to validate the heroine's behavior.
You taught me that. Thanks.” 

Jannine Gallant

Nothing But Trouble

“Just have to say, I have a new appreciation for editors…You must
be a saint to do what you do.” 

Lauri Robinson

Sing to Me, Cowboy 

“And I just want to let you know
it’s been awesome working with
you on this story! I sincerely
appreciate all you do!” 

Brenda Whiteside

The Morning After 

“I would like to thank
Stacy D. Holmes for her
tenacious editing that kept
me honest and deepened
my characterizations.”
Acknowledgment in The Morning After 

Sylvie Kaye

Honky Tonk Man 

“Thanks Stacy!!...again a great
job on your part.” 

Carrie Destler

Ride a Cowboy

“Just dropping a quick note to
thank you for all your help in the
past. Ride A Cowboy has been
nominated by Night Owl
Romance and it's because
of your wonderful editing.”